Michael Divine

The Apsara & the Dragon

The Apsara & the Dragon Series

I was in Thailand on Koh Phangan working with Violet on a mural of a series of dancing apsaras merging with this swirling dragon. I wanted to explore the ideas more deeply and this series of paintings was born.

It is a dance of desire and fulfillment – of  ‘one’ and the ‘other.’ It is demons facing demons facing beauty facing beauty and finding it’s us: that we exist within the same place – the same space. There is no going to or coming from – no i and other. When we look deeply into that jeweled face, we find it is only a reflection of ourselves. It is the fruit of our own imagination and we of it. Which am i? Who are we? The flame or the dancer? It is merely a a dance of acceptance and acceptance and acceptance… Of openness openness openness…

Ever dissolving and ever beginning, ever ending and never ending… one folding into the other ad infinitum. This is the dance of the Apsara and the Dragon.