Michael Divine

Writings :


The Multifaceted Diamond

Over the years I've encountered numerous philosophies and ways of being in the world. I've tried them on like outfits. Some fit okay but weren't suitable for all occasions and had to be left behind. Others didn't fit at all and, in their metaphorical stitching, were shoddily made, had too many loose threads and too many hidden pockets. I can't deal with that sort of mess. Some have fit rather well - sexy when they need to be sexy, respectable when they need to be respectable, and secure, when they need to be secure. In essence, some have reflected deeper ways of being for me than others. Some have fit in far more circumstances than others.

One proverbial outfit that I have been drawn back to, time and again, is Buddhism. This isn't to say that I identify as "a Buddhist", just that it's approach and philosophy - it's way of looking at the world - has continually supported my growth and, at it's core, it's basic system of understand, has yet to have show any loose ends.

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