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Art is a political act. It is to say HEAR ME. So how do we use that voice? My art can be very political at times – like First World Problem Child. However, it’s never intended to take sides (tho I’m sure my views can be distilled from my work) but rather it is meant to grapple with this facet of our human experience.


There Is No Place for Hate Here

My public face is reasonably apolitical. I intend for my art and writing to inspire a brighter, more beautiful, and more hopeful world. I do my best, most times, to let it just be that. I think that there’s so much in the way of politics already that I don’t feel a need to bombard […]

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Having and Having Not: Homelessness in Los Angeles

A new law passed by the LA city council prohibits homeless people from owning more belongings than can fit in a 60-gallon trashcan with the lid on, and allows police to summarily confiscate any tents that are still standing on public property during daylight hours. The law is a response to Los Angeles’s epidemic of […]

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Why I Vote (And Why You Should Too)

The same old story: “Why vote? Voting doesn’t make a difference. Politics isn’t real. It’s all smoke and mirrors. An illusion to keep you distracted.” It’s a common story – in one form or another – told by a disproportionately large section of people my age and younger. I’m 38. So that’s a lot of […]

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Some Thoughts on ‘Gifting Circles’

  The other day a friend – a 24-yr old woman – asked me what I felt about “gifting circles” – what I knew about them and how it jived with me. I said I felt that these gifting circles prey on an innate greed* along with an innocence and naiveté in people. They operate […]

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It’s not all just pretty pictures: The Politics of Life

One might think that one might surmise from the general nature of my work and my posts that I’m not a particularly political minded person. I almost wish that were true. What is true is that I pay attention to the politics. By that, I don’t mean just the ‘political figures’ but ALL of it. In my opinion, it’s all politics. Since man first understood the connection between ego and a sense of power there have been politics. Unfortunately, today there is a deeply rooted connection between money, politics, and power. This quality is a sad thing to watch and yet it is what shapes the most important affronts to our health and well being from an entity outside of our own minds that exists today.

And it comes at us from all fronts – from the health care to the war mongers to the internet freedoms to the agricultural debacles to the religious pandering… it doesn’t seem to end.

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Relative Freedoms

As a kid growing up in the 80’s there was this beast, interspersed between grammar school doldrums and the Transformers, that simmered half a world away and it was called Communism. It threatened to nuke us all if we didn’t nuke it first. Ronald Reagan gave speeches. We hid under our desks or out in […]

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Globalization, Capitalism, and the Magic Kingdom

Globalization is a movement – a force – that is sort of rolling along and, at this point, cannot be stopped, whether or not protestors want to admit it or not. If you use the internet, look for deals on things from far away, read blogs by Indian authors, enjoy Manga comics, anything really – […]

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The New Egypt: The Dark Side of Dubai

They say that Egypt was built on the backs of slaves for rich and powerful pharoahs. We marvel at their feats. These days, rising out of the desert, Dubai glistens like some sort of mirage in the desert. It too is a city being built on the backs of slaves, quite literally. over 300,000 slaves to […]

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Consciousness as a “Business Model”

I was recently talking with a friend about a few different businesses he is involved with. I’m not going to say what businesses or which friend as I don’t want to personalize it or create a sense of scapegoating. One business he spoke of as having a model based on a local/eco-friendly approach. Conversely, other […]

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And All This Time I Thought It Was The Monkeys

“Officials from 113 countries agreed Thursday thata much-awaited international report will say that globalwarming [is] “very likely” caused by human activity,delegates to a climate change conference said….Four participants told The Associated Press that the groupapproved the term “very likely” in Thursday’s sessions.That means they agree that there is a 90 percent chancethat global warming is […]

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