Michael Divine

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The word 'authentic' gets used a lot these days. You know, like 'getting in touch with your authentic self' and what not. I don't know what that all means to be honest but when I paint what I want to make is the most authentic feeling in the moment. I want to express the sensations, the movements, the moments. What's going on for me in that time and space. It might be high or low or, as is most often - and as is with most of us - bobbing along in the between.

So what is the authentic self? Just that present moment day to day laundry list of sensations. Now it is like this. Tomorrow it is like that. And so on. Yet the I who feels it - the I that is the culmination of all of those sensations - the I remains. Until, perhaps, in a flash, a moment, it doesn't. And in those moments of clarity, of light piercing the veil, we see a little further.

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