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Some Thoughts On My New Book

As you may know, I have a new book due out soon called "Persuing the Ineffable". (Yes yes, we know the spelling of 'persuit' is different than expected. Please give the book a read to see why.) When I finally had the first copy of "This Sublime Dance" - my first art book - in my hands, I knew immediately that a second book would follow.

Skimming through the pages of that first book, you could witness the 18-year journey of the artist (I think the earliest work in there was from me at age 16). What would another ten years bring? I am so much more efficient now, so much more patient and careful. But I am also freer in my expression and more connected to a deeper sense of spontaneity. I've made more paintings and fine drawings in the subsequent 9 years than in the entirety of the time span of "This Sublime Dance".

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What is This Style of Art?

The casual observer asks: What do you call this style of art?
The gallerist may say: This kind of art looks different from the art we show.
And then the collector, the fan, says: It's beautiful. I love it.

To be fair, that last part is, in the end, the only part that matters: that you - the person who has opted to bring my work into your home - who knows it will be with you for the long haul - that you love it. That when you look to it in your moments of quiet, it sings, and in your moments of beautitude, it glows.

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