Michael Divine

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Michael Divine has been painting murals for over 20 years. From large outdoor walls to indoor yoga studios and meditative spaces, his work has inspired thousands of people around the globe. He works on his own or together with his wife, Violet. They have worked with towns and cities for public art and murals as well as private individuals. From Michael's Craftsman inspired murals in Ojai, the nature based murals in Clearlake, and the classic car murals in Kelseyville, their imagination is boundless.

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Michael Divine has been painting his entire adult life. His paintings inspire people around the globe with ther intricate details and sweeping vistas. The vibrancy and power of Michael's paintings can be hard to describe. The original works carry a sense of presence and vivacity with their mystical and breathtakingly beautiful imagery. This modern day visionary paints a message of hope for humanity.

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