Michael Divine

A Day for Love

Some say that Valentine’s Day is just a made-up a holiday but the truth is: they’re all made up holidays. Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween… And don’t get me started on all of the other made up stuff – dollar bills, national borders, and so on.

So if we are going to have a made-up day – and especially one for the Northern Hemisphere in the dreary days of February – that short month that always stays too long – then a day that reminds us to love isn’t so bad.

Certainly, it gets co-opted by hand holding couples and saccharine teddy bear salespeople and the cut rose industry – but deeper down – down past the greeting card aisles and further past St Valentine, patron saint of fainting and affianced couples – down past all of that – maybe we get to the place where we have this one day a year that just reminds us to love. Just reminds us to embrace the world and do our part to help it grow. That’s love.

Whether it’s your corner of the earth where you wait to plant seeds come spring or are snuggled with your kitties or driving home from a long day of work hoping to rest your head or embracing those on the other side of the proverbial aisle – day embracing night, dark embracing light, and so on – and in all of that, in those little reminders – a day here, a moment there – maybe there’s some hope for a better brighter future.

Promise by Michael Divine

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