Michael Divine

Train II

Station in mexican adobe tile style with
octagonal cupola atop, curved windows
and mosaic designs along pillars and archways
palms and old men
looking like the building has built up around them
standing leaning against the support for support
oblivious to the kids running and playing
and yelling about trains or who said what
maybe you get old enough
you either no longer care who said what
or you care all too much
i’m working on being the former
old women who read magazines
and tan teenagers maybe on their way to LA
or further
to see a friend go to a party
always something different than the story they tell
on their way out the door to mom and dad
we’ve all been there
done that
the old man and
the little kids
the woman with the magazine
who told a lie about going to the store but instead
drove around the corner to cry
and while i study the congruous angles of the sloping roof lines
and how they interact with the clouds that tuft along in the sky
others lament on phones
wondering when
their train is going to arrive

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