Michael Divine



Egypt – Luxor, Giza, Alexandria, and The Great Convergence

We visited Egypt – Luxor, Giza, Cairo, and Alexandria – from Dec 13 – 25 in part to participate in the DoLab’s Great Convergence event at the Great Pyramids in Giza from Dec 20 – 22. Being a colorful and convoluted adventure – from temples to people to camels to travels – I took notes. Here’s a lengthy narrative filled with observations and experiences from that absolutely amazing trip. Enjoy!

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The Process (Which is as Important as the Goal)

All the technique in the world isn’t going to make a GREAT painting. It will make a very good and technically proficient painting but GREAT paintings are born out of something more. They are born from inspiration and dedication and openness to the process. The trick to making a great painting is using the tools of awareness to follow the subtler aspects of our perception and our movements and momentum as artists towards their sublimely inspiring peaks.

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Living From an Aesthetically Pleasing Perspective

The thing is, at 3am you’re up and you’re getting something to eat and maybe a drop to drink and you notice: the plane of the wall meets the plane of the ceiling and the busy-ness of the spice rack to the planar composition of the stove top sort of off sets the shifting perspectives and it’s so sublimely perfect that you really just want to go wake everyone up but you know that you and you alone might be the only one to ever have appreciated this corner of reality. Blue to burgundy to beige to gold and you can’t help but want to run to the type writer – the keyboard – the pen and the pencil – and get it down – that inspiration. Maybe you just study the lines and do your best to remember it.

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